3 Reasons Why You Need a Self-Storage Unit

26 December 2019
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There are many different reasons why people hire storage units. While some need them to help with planning for a move, others use the extra space to keep personal belongings and eliminate clutter from the home. It's not uncommon for you to feel a strong sense of attachment to personal items. Belongings bring people joy, comfort and security. However, the reality of where you live and those you live with may necessitate that you manage your belongings in a different way. Read More 

Five Ways to Use a Storage Unit

30 August 2019
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When people think of storage sheds, they tend to think of them as places to store their belongings temporarily during a house move. That's definitely a popular use for these secure spaces, but it's far from the only one. This list introduces some of the other ways in which people make use of self-storage units.  Business inventory Whether you're a market trader or an online seller, running a home-based business can put a lot of strain on your storage space. Read More 

3 Top Considerations When Shopping for a Shipping Container for Storage

25 June 2019
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Nowadays, there is a common trend to repurpose shipping containers into storage units because of several benefits such as durability, portability, cost-efficiency, fire resistance and the ability of shipping containers to tolerate harsh weather conditions. However, the containers are not the same, and thus, first-time buyers need to understand a few salient things before making any purchase. This article examines top considerations when shopping for a shipping container hire.  1. Container Size -- Shipping containers come in a range of sizes that are purpose-fit for various needs. Read More