Two tips to follow if you need to fill your new storage unit to the brim

28 February 2023
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Here are two tips to follow if you need to fill the storage unit you've rented with a lot of items.

Store your items vertically (in a safe manner)

Storage units often have reasonably high ceilings and if you know you have to fit a lot of items into this space, you'll need to store some of your items vertically up to the ceiling. This will not only help you to avoid using every bit of floor space (you'll need to leave some floor space free so you can walk around within the unit) but might also help you to avoid being left with items that cannot be squeezed into this space. For this task, you'll need a small ladder. It could be hard to do this safely without this equipment as, after stacking, for example, seven boxes on each other, you might struggle to place any more boxes on this pile, as you might not be able to lift them over your head or slide them onto the top of this tall stack. A ladder will allow you to safely reach the top of each stack of items and put more on top of them until you reach the ceiling.

When doing this, it's also important to consider what's inside each container you plan to add to these tall stacks. For example, the heaviest, widest containers should be placed near the unit's floor, so each stack's centre of gravity is low. This will reduce the chances of it toppling over. On a related note, it's best not to put boxes containing glassware, gardening chemicals or other fragile and hazardous items at the top of these tall stacks. The reason for this is that if, for example, one of these boxes falls from your hands as you're holding it whilst stepping down the ladder rungs, and the box breaks open, its contents could scratch or cause other damage to the adjacent items in the unit.

Choose an organisation system for your items and stick with it

When a person only needs to store, for example, ten boxes in their unit, they can get away with not organising their items as, even if the boxes are strewn across the floor, it still won't take them more than a few minutes to find the items they're looking for. However, if you plan to use up almost all of the space in your unit, you must have an organisation system for your items so that, even if there are a hundred or more containers in this space, you'll still know the general location of each item that you put into it.

You might, for example, want to put your boxes of clothing by the back walls, your gardening supplies by the right side of the door and your book collection by the left side of the door. If you don't do this, you could find the experience of picking up items from the unit lengthy and annoying, due to you not remembering where certain items are. It's also important to stick to this system; this means that whenever you need to return items to the unit or add new things to it, you should not just toss them in the nearest empty space inside it, but should place these things into their designated areas.

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