Mistakes You Don't Want to Make When Moving House

16 March 2022
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When you're ready to move into a new property, you'll want the experience to remain as stress-free as possible. One way to achieve this is to avoid making certain mistakes. Here are some of the biggest ones you'll want to avoid.

Packing Everything

Consider how many years you've spent on your current property. Do you really need everything you've collected? Or does moving everything mean you're going to move the junk too? If ever there's a time to perform a ruthless declutter, moving house is it. When you free yourself of certain items, you'll reduce the amount you need to unpack the other end. Depending on how much you offload, you could even significantly cut your removalist bill. If you're feeling especially savvy, you can sell some items to cover the cost of your move.

Not Comparing

One of the biggest worries you may have is ensuring you find a removals company for the day. If they book up quickly in your area, it's tempting to settle on the first one you find. However, this can also mean that you don't find the best deal for your budget. Or, you may find a company that doesn't offer everything you need. To get this task right, make sure you compare deals and investigate what each price offers. That way, you can strike the right balance between being budget-friendly and meeting your removal needs.

No Open First Box

Regardless of whether you're moving five miles down the road or to a completely different state, you're going to feel tired on your first day. Because of this, you'll want a go-to box that features everything you need for the first 24 hours in your home. Consider what your open first box will require, pack it and then ensure it's easy for you to access on the day. If you're travelling to your new home by car, try putting it in there so you don't need to search amongst the other boxes. If you're feeling super organised, you may also want to label other boxes in order of importance.

Not Communicating

Consistent communication often rests at the heart of a successful house move. In addition to communicating your needs to your removalists, you'll need to inform utility providers, friends and employers that you've moved. Make sure anyone who is important is aware of your new address and phone number at the earliest opportunity. That way, you won't miss any important documents that go to your old address. 

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