Revolting Odours Indicative of the Need for Urgent Cool Room Repairs

15 July 2021
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If you are in the fresh food market, a cool room is an invaluable investment for your business. This equipment should not only function to store your perishables in fresh condition, but it should be able to do its job while remaining energy-efficient. Therefore, the moment that it starts to show signs of disrepair, it is critical that you seek cool room repairs immediately or you stand the chance of losing your inventory, and you may also have to contend with escalating energy bills.

But spotting underlying problems with your cool room can be challenging, especially if the only symptom that you notice is foul smells. Some people will simply think that their cool room needs cleaning, yet the stench could be signalling something else. To help you pinpoint potential problems early, this article outlines two revolting odours that are indicative of the need for immediate cool room repairs.

A decaying odour

Rotting odours almost always mean that the fresh produce that you store in your col room is going bad. Nonetheless, this does not automatically mean that the fresh food was past its expiry date. Instead, a rotting stench can be indicating an array of undiagnosed issues that would require professional attention. Most commonly, you may start to notice decaying smells from your cool room due to an electrical problem.

Usually, this could mean that the thermostat is no longer functional, the circuit breaker could have tripped and so on. On the other hand, the food in your cool room may go bad prematurely if the insulation has been compromised. Perhaps the insulation is old and degraded, or maybe it has acquired physical damage. Whichever the case, it is necessary to seek cool room repairs so that it is replaced promptly.

A cloying odour

Another type of odour that you may notice from your cool room that is signalling the need for repairs is a chemically sweet or sickly sweet smell. In this scenario, you must vacate the cool room expeditiously since this odour is emblematic of a refrigerant leak. A misconception that you may have regarding the refrigerant is that it is harmless, as its sole function is keeping the temperatures in the cool room low, but this is incorrect.

The reality is that refrigerant is a deadly gas. Continual exposure to the refrigerant can lead to symptoms such as skin irritation, nausea, eye sensitivity, vomiting and difficulty breathing. Refrigerant gas leaks are also typically accompanied by frozen evaporator coils, hissing sounds and so on. It is compulsory that you seek cool room repairs before you can use this equipment again.