Five Ways to Use a Storage Unit

30 August 2019
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When people think of storage sheds, they tend to think of them as places to store their belongings temporarily during a house move. That's definitely a popular use for these secure spaces, but it's far from the only one. This list introduces some of the other ways in which people make use of self-storage units. 

Business inventory

Whether you're a market trader or an online seller, running a home-based business can put a lot of strain on your storage space. When inventory starts to take up too much room, a storage shed can take the pressure off, giving you a safe location to store the products and equipment you need. And you don't have to be a business to need extra storage space—storage sheds can be very useful for other groups with extra equipment to store, such as bands or athletic teams. 

Project supplies

Landscaping or construction projects can create a short-term need for excess storage. Leaving large supplies of tools and materials lying around your property can be unattractive, especially over longer periods; your materials might also be at risk from thieves or the elements. Instead, many builders, landscapers or homeowners use hired storage spaces to deal with this need. This makes it easier to deal with frequent increases or decreases in the amount of space needed. 

Seasonal storage

Project materials aren't the only thing that can fluctuate over time. For example, you might want to store outdoor furniture during the winter months when it's unlikely to be used, or you might need somewhere to put a university student's belongings while they're home for the summer. Storage sheds let you house this type of seasonal material without having to overcrowd your home or garage. 

Vehicle storage

Caravans that only come out in the summer, classic cars brought out for special occasions or vans only needed for big jobs all need somewhere to stay even when they're not in use. A secure storage unit provides a safe place to keep your extra vehicles out of the elements. 

Archives and records

Old family photographs, treasured books and old business records all need to be securely stored in a dry environment, but you may not need to access them frequently. A storage unit lets you access these records when you need them without having them taking up space in your home or office.

Of course, these are far from the only uses for storage sheds. Whether you're moving house, storing furniture after downsizing or just looking for somewhere to keep your excess belongings, a secure storage unit offers an easy, affordable way to do so.