Survival Tips for Interstate Removals

28 September 2018
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As one of the more stressful life events a person can go through, moving house requires a lot of planning. If you're planning an interstate removal, there are a few ways you can make life less difficult.

Accept all help from anybody who offers it.

At the start of the house moving process, you may feel the urge to take a stoic approach. Resist doing so, as the heavier aspects of moving house will soon creep up on you. When friends and family offer to pack boxes, watch pets or keep an eye on your children, say yes with enthusiasm, then proceed to pack away your house.

When you're short on time, use professional services.

Although there was once an era when interstate removalists would simply take your goods from A to B, today they go much further. Some will provide packing services and dismantling services, which can take place on the day of your move. Using such offerings means you can benefit from everyday items until the big day arrives, which prevents living a life of inconvenience as you spend your time living amongst cardboard.

Prioritise constructing your essential items first

When your interstate removalists finish unpacking your worldly goods, you'll face a temptation to bring everything out of its box in a disorganised manner. If you do so, though, you may spend a pretty uncomfortable first few days in your new home. Instead, consider the items that'll prove useful immediately, for example, your fridge, a bed and maybe even your TV if you need some entertainment. Unpacking in order of priority makes it easier to achieve your house's perfect layout early on.

Familiarise yourself with new appliances.

When you reach your new property, you might find yourself facing a world of appliances that seem alien. If it comes with a new boiler, a pre-installed oven or a kindly donated dishwasher, getting to grips with the way they function can suck away at your time. Ask the person selling or renting out the property if they have any manuals available. If they don't, your next port of call is to visit the manufacturer's website. Once you have the right paperwork, you can refer to it quickly when the technology in your new home throws you into a state of confusion.

With the right approach, interstate removals won't feel too stressful. All you need to do is plan, accept help and consider using a professional.