3 Essential Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Place a Cool Room

11 December 2017
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If you are thinking about putting a cool room into your factory, restaurant, manufacturing plant or any other type of facility, you first need to decide where to place the cool room. There are multiple factors to take into account when making this decision for your cool room installation. Consider the following three essentials.

1. Efficient Workflow

When workers have to get off the beaten path to grab items out of the cool room, that adds unnecessary delays to what they are doing. Even if the delay is just a few minutes or even less than a minute, that adds up over time.

Take this example calculation into consideration. Imagine employees lose one minute for each time they go to the cool room, and you anticipate that employees go to the cool room 50 times per day. That works out to 13,000 wasted minutes per year, based on a five day work week, and that means you are losing approximately 216 payroll hours per year.

That's over five weeks of labour costs. To avoid those losses, you need to think about workflow when deciding where to place your cool room. Ideally, it should be in a spot that naturally integrates into what your employees do throughout the course of a day.

2. Cold Loss

When choosing a place for your cool room, also consider the temperature of each potential spot. For instance, if you run your business in a warm area, you may not want to place the cool room next to a delivery door where constant blasts of hot outside air are going to hit the cool room.

Similarly, you may not want to put the cool room in areas where heat from equipment may affect the temperature of the cool room. Instead, you want to find a naturally cool place in your facility and ensure that you can place insulation between the cool room and the walls or ceiling.

3. Mechanical Access

Finally, consider long term repair and maintenance. Can repair professionals easily reach the mechanical components of your cool room for repairs? If not, you may need to pick a new location.

If you have to put in an access hallway behind the cool room, you may want to ensure that you can also use that space for other purposes. For instance, you may want to use that space for storage rather than just leaving it empty.

To get more tips and ideas on where to place your cool room, contact an installation professional today.