Main Reasons Why Self Storage Rates Vary Within Every Facility

24 August 2017
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If you are moving house or decluttering your home, you likely are thinking of calling a self storage facility and simply asking "What will it cost?" Although this approach may seem concise and straight to the point, it also exposes you to sticker shock as prices can be costly if you do not know what you are looking for in a self storage unit. Before you request a quote, it is advisable to discern what the immediate needs of your specific belongings are. Here are some of the main reasons why self storage rates vary within every facility.

Consider the type of self storage unit

The first aspect to consider when looking for quotes on self storage prices would be the different types of units available. In general, a standard unit will comprise of an enclosed space without any additions. Thus, these units may lack ventilation, may be not have shelving and more. The other type of unit you could choose is the climate-controlled variety. These units will have strict temperature control to ensure that any goods being stored inside are not affected by the overall weather conditions. Climate controlled units prevent moisture damage, heat damage and more so would be appropriate If you are looking to put sensitive items into long-term storage.

Consider the location of the unit

When it comes to location, it not enough to simply factor in the commute to your storage facility. You should also bear in mind that the units inside the facility would also have varying price points in regards to their accessibility. In general, you will find that storage units that are closer to the entrance would probably have a premium price when compared to those that would require you to perambulate a considerable distance to access them. If you are looking to cut on costs, you could consider the harder to access units, particularly if you do not need to check on your belongings on a regular basis.

Consider the demand for the units

A little-known fact about storage facilities is that the availability of units is similar to hotel room availability. During high seasons when more people are looking for long-term storage solutions, it is likely that the prices will be higher. Conversely, during low seasons, there will be discounts to be taken advantage of, as the facilities will be trying to draw in customers. You should inquire from the different providers if they have seasonal prices to help you in deciding on what would be financially viable for your budget.