Moving on a Budget: A Quick Guide to Hiring a Removalist for Your Frugal Family's Relocation

1 August 2017
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There's no doubt that moving house is an expensive process, no matter how you go about it. The costs can add up particularly fast when you need to hire a removalist when relocating your family. If your frugal family is planning a big move, check out this quick guide to help you stay on budget when hiring removalists.

Do the leg work first

Removalist fees can vary considerably from one company to the next, so it really does pay to compare removalists prior to booking. Contact both large and small companies, asking not only about the price but also the transit details — will your worldly possessions be sharing a truck with one or more other clients? If this is the case, will there be a longer estimated delivery arrival? Often smaller companies with smaller truck capacity will offer a more personalised service with a smaller delivery window, which will allow your family to save money on alternative accommodation while you wait. Also don't be afraid to negotiate for the best price — many smaller local companies are willing to negotiate for guaranteed business and good word of mouth.

Be flexible

The more iron-clad your schedule and plans are, the harder it will be to negotiate a cheaper price with your removalist. If you are flexible with times and dates, they may be more flexible on the price tag. Perhaps a mid-week move will be a cheaper move for you and your family, as you can take a few days of annual leave and the removalists can offer you an off-peak price.

Pack on the cheap

The more packing and organising you do before the removalists ring your doorbell, the easier everything will be. Use recycled packing boxes to pack your belongings, and do as much of the packing yourself. Enlist the hands of your friends and family if necessary, and turn it into a social event with a barbecue lunch. Also take the time leading up to the move to declutter as much as possible.

While your family may be frugal, there is no need to hang onto every little thing 'just in case'. Taking a minimalist approach to your possessions prior to the big move will reduce the volume for the removalists and potentially reduce the fee accordingly.

Help with the heavy lifting

Save on the time everything will take by pitching in with the transfer of your furniture and boxes into the truck, and help unpack at your destination. Even older children can help by taking smaller boxes to the truck, and this may be a good way for them to understand and metabolise the process during the period of upheaval.

For more tips on how you can save time and money during your frugal family's next move, chat with your local removalist experts today.