Why opt for self storage?

31 July 2017
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Whether for work, study, family or other personal reasons, sooner or later almost everyone has to uproot and move. Relocations vary in their size and scale; a university student or young graduate moving to a city an hour or two away will probably have a much smaller task on his or her hands than a busy family with children and pets. In the latter case, moving house needs detailed planning, a high level of organization and, typically, professional help from removal services.

The reasons for considering self storage are many and various: when a house sale and purchase is staggered (or if there are delays), when moving away to work in another state or abroad, or when the last of the children leave the parental nest – especially if the parents are considering downsizing. Using self-storage services during smaller moves can help make the whole logistical process much easier.

For property owners who are looking to sell their home or rent it out, using self storage can contribute to a clutter-free interior – and can even extend to the contents of the garden shed. Decluttering and presenting a depersonalised, minimalist look tends to influence potential buyers or prospective tenants positively; it is easier for them to imagine themselves living in the property. For instance, it may be a good idea to convert an unused box room into a showpiece study or a compact single bedroom, increasing appeal and perhaps adding value into the bargain.

Depending on the timetable and progress of a sale, it may be simpler to stagger events. Some people sell their old property first and live in temporary or rented accommodation before completing the move to their permanent new home later. This phasing of events can work well in some cases, with less stress.

Also, when preparing a property for renovation, homeowners may consider self storage to make more space available and protect belongings while work is in progress.

So, having decided to use self storage, what steps can one take to ensure the process is simple, straightforward and stress-free? Using a recommended facility is wise. The Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) is a principal advisory body for the sector and represents around 1,500 self-storage locations across Australia and New Zealand; their website includes useful tips and a handy tool to estimate required storage space for removals.

Lastly to smooth the arrangements, do remember to ask the removal company for a quotation for storage charges, access fees (if applicable) and notice periods.